Crafting a Comprehensive Divorce Decree

Navigating Challenges When One Parent Raises Concerns

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Divorce is often a complex and emotional process, particularly when children are involved. Today, we're delving into a scenario that highlights the importance of thorough divorce decrees and how divorce coaching can help when one parent raises concerns. In this case, John, an estranged father, is the source of contention, demonstrating the significance of crafting a divorce decree that anticipates potential issues.

Here is the original message from John. We work with John's ex managing her communication with John. (All names have been changed, but the content of the message is the same.)

Our daughter just had bloodwork ordered, I'm asking why. And instead of just telling me, as her father I have to go order her medical records to find out what our daughter is being tested for? You know that's not right.


With how our situation is right now, it's gonna be important the kids have unbiased providers who can be solely focused on what is best for them, with no conflict of interest coming from connections to either parent. I will need to look into Dr. Crenshaw before I can agree to her as a provider. Meanwhile can you please confirm:


--Whether the provider is in-network with the kids' insurance.

--Whether you have any connection with this or any other provider within the practice.


Thank you,


John's Concerns: A Different Perspective

John's recent message raises questions about his motivations and behavior following the divorce. His primary concern seems to revolve around his daughter's medical care, but let's examine it from a different angle:

  • While reading this blog, you (the reader) don't know that the daughter is having frequent headaches, stomach aches and very heavy bleeding during menstruation. (much heavier than normal)
  • John appears to question the need for medical tests ordered for their daughter, seemingly without understanding the necessity behind them.
  • Instead of engaging in open and honest communication, he demands information while casting doubts.
  • John suggests that healthcare providers should be unbiased, yet his own intentions and actions seem questionable.
  • Notice how he is wanting to control everything and everyone but not at all concerned that the daughter is having these terrible symptoms? He's more concerned that the Doctor will check out and be in the insurance network rather than his daughter's health.

The Importance of a Comprehensive Divorce Decree:

John's message underscores the critical need for a comprehensive divorce decree that addresses every aspect of co-parenting, especially in complex and contentious situations. Such a decree should go beyond financial matters and custody arrangements to encompass healthcare decisions, education decisions, and communication guidelines.

The Role of Divorce Coaching:

In situations where one parent raises concerns or exhibits behavior that could be detrimental to the children, divorce coaching takes on a new dimension:

  1. Mediation and Conflict Resolution: Divorce coaches play a vital role in mediating conflicts and helping parents find common ground. In scenarios like John's, a coach might help communicate more effectively to resolve misunderstandings.
  2. Ensuring Child-Centered Decision-Making: Divorce coaches can ensure that decisions are made in the best interests of the children, focusing on their well-being rather than personal agendas.
  3. Drafting a Comprehensive Decree: By working with both parents and their attorneys, a divorce coach can aid in crafting a decree that addresses potential future issues and disputes. This includes defining access to medical records and choosing healthcare providers in a transparent manner.
  4. Emotional Guidance: Divorce coaching isn't solely about legal matters; it also provides emotional support and strategies for dealing with challenging co-parenting situations.

John's Request: A Lesson in Transparency and Cooperation

John's request for information about the healthcare provider and insurance coverage highlights the importance of transparency in co-parenting. While it's essential to ask questions and seek information, it should be done with the intention of understanding and cooperating, rather than creating unnecessary tension.

Divorce is never easy, and challenges can arise from either side. John's message serves as a reminder that comprehensive divorce decrees are essential to anticipate and address potential issues. In situations where one parent raises concerns, divorce coaching can help guide the process towards more constructive communication and decision-making.

Ultimately, the goal remains the same: to create a divorce decree that ensures the children's well-being, fosters cooperation between parents, and establishes a framework for effective co-parenting.