The messages we receive from Narcissists

An inside look at what we get every day

· Narcissistic Abuse,Post Divorce Abuse

Narcissists love to control, manipulate, punish, diminish, and attack their targets. They will use anything, any reason and anyone to create chaos in a situation.

When you share children with a narcissist, you'll quickly realize that they are simply pawns in the narc's game.

Here's a message we recived all over a cell phone.


"I think that approach is needlessly insulting to my son, albeit more lucrative to me. Given that you offer no reasoning to your position, I sense that this has to do only with your ego, and because it therefore props up your ego at the expense of undermining my son's, I disagree with your approach categorically.


Please make a specific note here of this dynamic of you propping up your own personal ego while callously risking the ego(s) and general well-being of your children. We will shortly revisit exactly that topic in a separate written discussion, under advice of counsel and within the formal record that you are conveniently keeping.


But here right now, we are only discussing phone service. In the interest of expediting the acquisition of said phone service for my son, I am willing to utilize your plan despite its considerable insult to my son. BUT, because ALL of your unsubstantiated conditions are being met, while NONE of mine or my son’s are being honored, it becomes incumbent on you to do two things:


1) Locate that refurbished phone you propose, at the price you deem acceptable

2) Explain your reasoning to your son, and expect that I will have to mention in due course to him my effort but inability to rebut it because I was given no such reasoning

Please note through this exchange, that when one side disagrees with the opinion of the other, it is nonetheless possible to continue the dialogue in a mature manner. It is NOT necessary for one side to simply ignore questions or comments that they don’t like or they happen to disagree with. It is NOT necessary to force mediation or the intercession of the courts. It IS possible to place the best interest of the child in front of parental ego - although unfortunately this is no example of that.