Ongoing Messages from Narcs!

A message about the daughter's car!

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Here's a fun one. This guy has been messaging about a car for the daughter for a couple of weeks now. Keep in mind he hasn't paid for ANY of the car and pays nothing towards the insurance either. He went to great lengths to find and research the VIN number and harrass his ex (our client) about it. Enjoy the read!


To further this, I contacted the national Subaru number to get more information on the warranty. Using the VIN number, they were able to ascertain that there is a "title alert" on this car, indicating it was deemed salvaged and/or totaled. Did you search for this before you purchased? Were you alerted to this? At some point, this car was so severely damaged in a collision that the insurance company totaled it, and someone attempted to fix it. Yes, it could have been from hail damage, but the damage doesn't look that bad. How do you know this? Did you get the entire history of the car?


Regardless, because of that, NOTHING on that car will ever be covered under any warranty or recall. NOTHING. This DCM replacement will cost somewhere between $500 and $800 based on what I'm seeing online. I've purchased the Carfax report; did you do this? Now that I've seen the history of the car, I will not contribute one dollar to this car. Knowing the history of this car and the fact that you purchased a 'lemon' that is no longer entitled to anything from Subaru and everything is out of pocket, I'm not on board with the safety issues you're potentially putting someone through and the expenses over the lifetime of this car.


Lastly, you 'may' be able to take it back because it had a 'salvage' title (if they did not disclose this to you). However, if you bought it as-is, things may get tougher, and the court system may have to get involved. Given what I've seen in its history, they would have absolutely known it has a salvage title. Unfortunately, Colorado seems to favor sellers instead of buyers who are unaware. Hopefully, they told you everything about that car, or maybe I should hope they told you nothing, so you have a chance to address it if you choose that.

I've asked for someone to text you to check these messages. I've paid for the Carfax report because I was concerned about this vehicle. I'll give you 24 hours to let me know what you knew about this car and how you plan to address all of this. Otherwise, I will feel obliged, for safety reasons, to show the report and talk through it. Every driver needs to know they are driving a safe car.