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    Co-parent coaching is designed to help you navigate the challenges of parenting after separation. As your coach, I assist in reducing conflict, improving communication, and creating effective parenting plans tailored to your family's needs. Together, we address difficult issues, develop practical strategies, and work towards a peaceful co-parenting relationship. Let me support you in creating a healthier environment for your children and a smoother co-parenting experience.

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    Co-Parent Coaching, Divorce Coaching & Services

    Navigating post-separation communication with a high-conflict ex can be incredibly challenging. I specialize in communication coaching tailored to those dealing with difficult ex-partners. Sessions are designed to help you maintain composure, set boundaries, and effectively communicate without escalating conflicts. By focusing on techniques that reduce emotional triggers, the aim is to create a more peaceful and manageable co-parenting environment.


    Co-parenting with a narcissist adds another layer of complexity to post-divorce life. I will coach you through the unique challenges you will face and offer strategies to handle manipulative behaviors and maintain your sanity. You'll better understand the the narcissistic mindset, helping you to navigate interactions, protect yourself emotionally, and foster a healthier dynamic for your children.


    Post-separation and divorce communications has the constant potential for misunderstandings and disputes. I provide the guidance you need to craft clear, concise messages, document interactions, and use tools to facilitate smoother communication. My goal is to help you move forward with confidence, reducing the emotional and financial toll of ongoing disputes, and ensuring a more stable and peaceful post-divorce life.

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    “If it weren't for Perfect Decree's help, I would have agreed to the proposed parenting plan and realized later that there were huge problems, missing stipulations and conflicts. After staring at the raw data for days, Will came to the rescue and, within a couple of sessions, provided me with a clear and precise schedule and parenting plan. Parents and attorneys dealing with visitation problems absolutely need to have Will help them draft a working decree.”


    - Dr. Dan Connors, Fargo, ND -

    Thank you for the class!

    Hi Will,


    I wanted to send a quick note to thank you for today. It was quite eye-opening for me. I would also say that it felt emotional. I have been coping and coping and coping for so long, but seeing the other people’s faces, I could see how much they are hurting from this never-ending mental abuse, and then I realized I am also experiencing this. It takes a toll.


    I have felt so alone on this road for so long. So often the things that happen just seem quite frankly unbelievable. But clearly others are experiencing this BS too and knowing that made me feel less alone. It also drove home the point that these people we deal with take up and waste so much of our precious time, both in time itself and mental energy.


    Anyway, just wanted to express to you my appreciation for today. It made a difference.


    - Name removed for privacy -



    "Will created a custom plan to perfectly match your specific schedule, including holidays and vacations. Not only that, he broke down the time allocation and charted every single day for custody. It was an immense help to me, especially since I represented myself while going against a family law specialist. The judge actually accepted the plan Will developed. I can't thank you enough!"


    - Sarah S., Modesto, CA -


    "I didn't even need to present the schedule myself; the mediator took care of it with some guidance from me. This created the impression that the mediator had put the parenting plan together, which helped sell the schedule I desired. After receiving a preliminary version from the mediator, I incorporated certain provisions from the the draft Will built for me. We put several stipulations into our final agreement."


    - Justin, CA -


    "My lawyer was genuinely impressed with the plan and acknowledged that it surpassed mere acceptability; it was presented in an exceptional format. Your dedication and effort in crafting this plan specifically for me are greatly appreciated. I cannot thank you enough for taking the time and putting in the necessary work to develop such a comprehensive and well-structured proposal. Your expertise and attention to detail have undoubtedly made a significant impact on my case."


    - Meredith -

  • Meet Will: Your Expert Guide in Co-Parent Coaching with Narcissists

    With over 20 years of experience, Will is a seasoned expert in co-parent coaching, particularly when dealing with narcissistic behaviors and tactics. His deep understanding of narcissism and its profound impact on families makes him an invaluable resource for navigating these challenges.


    Will's expertise covers the full spectrum of post-separation abuse, including legal abuse, parental alienation, counter-parenting, financial abuse, harassment and stalking, isolation, coercive control, and abusive parenting. He offers comprehensive insights and practical solutions tailored to co-parenting situations involving a narcissist.


    Under Will's guidance, you'll develop effective communication strategies and gain essential tools to manage the complexities of co-parenting with a narcissist. Don't miss the opportunity to learn from an expert dedicated to helping you create a healthier co-parenting environment.

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