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    Welcome to Perfect Decree.

    As a divorce & coparent coach, my goal is to help you save thousands and thousands of dollars on legal fees, mediation fees, and counseling fees. First, we discuss your unique situation. Then, we work together addressing the most complicated issues you're facing. We create drafts for the perfect divorce decree*, a working custody schedule and parenting plan. I walk you through the process as your guide and coach. Divorce is overwhelming taxing. Let me help you through the process.

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    Divorce Coaching

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    With my divorce coaching programs and services, you will get to the other side of your divorce without going broke in the process. Divorces are expensive with the average costing more than $50,000. More often than not, the divorce isn't really over.


    As one of the founding partners of Grey Rock Communications, I've read a LOT of divorce decrees. Often, they are poorly written or the leave gaping holes that don't cover everything that needs to be decided. Divorces can cost $50,000+ on average and though people spend a fortune, they rarely come out of the process with a thorough, working divorce decree. Often, just the opposite.


    One of our clients was already $250k into attorney fees when they found us. I asked her if she had a draft decree and she does not. A quarter of a million dollars and no draft? Attorneys don't have much reason to help you end the battle because their fees are hourly. They have a HUGE finantical incentive to keep you in litigation as long as possible...even if they represent you.

  • Initial Consultation

    Sometimes it's hard to know where to start.


    Let's set up a time to talk on the phone. We can find your needs and talk more about your specific situation. At the end of our conversation, I will invite you to the coaching programs that are right for you.

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    “ If it weren't for Perfect Decree's help, I would have agreed to the proposed parenting plan and realized later that there were huge problems, missing stipulations and conflicts. After staring at the raw data for days, Will came to the rescue and, within a couple of sessions, provided me with a clear and precise schedule and parenting plan. Parents and attorneys dealing with visitation problems absolutely need to have Will help them draft a working decree. ”


    - Dr. Dan Connors, Fargo, ND -



    "Will created a custom plan to perfectly match your specific schedule, including holidays and vacations. Not only that, he broke down the time allocation and charted every single day for custody. It was an immense help to me, especially since I represented myself while going against a family law specialist. The judge actually accepted the plan Will developed. I can't thank you enough!"


    - Sarah S., Modesto, CA -


    "I didn't even need to present the schedule myself; the mediator took care of it with some guidance from me. This created the impression that the mediator had put the parenting plan together, which helped sell the schedule I desired. After receiving a preliminary version from the mediator, I incorporated certain provisions from the the draft Will built for me. We put several stipulations into our final agreement."


    - Justin, CA -


    "My lawyer was genuinely impressed with the plan and acknowledged that it surpassed mere acceptability; it was presented in an exceptional format. Your dedication and effort in crafting this plan specifically for me are greatly appreciated. I cannot thank you enough for taking the time and putting in the necessary work to develop such a comprehensive and well-structured proposal. Your expertise and attention to detail have undoubtedly made a significant impact on my case."


    - Meredith -